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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain the Animal / Prop sizes on the price Menu?

  • Tiny animals / Small props; something you can hold in your hands.

           Examples: Rodents, Small birds, Insects, Food, Tools, Books.


  • Small animals; anything small enough to sit in ones lap.

          Examples: Cats, Little dogs, chickens, Baby dragons. 


  • Large animals and props; Similar size or bigger than your character. 

          Examples: Wolves, Horses, Eagles. Dragons. 

                  Seats, Giant weapons, Beds, Bicycles, Baby's Buggy.


What is the difference between Standard and Rendered?

  • Standard will be tidy lineart, colouring and softened cel-shading. Rendered is full depth shading with highlights completed to a clean finish to an almost 3D effect and will take twice as long to complete, hence the doubled price.


What are you willing to and not willing to draw?*

  • I will happily draw; Original characters, Copy from photographs, All animals, Furries, Fanart, Any ships (please ask if you're unsure!), Armor, and NSFW.​

  • I do not take commissions containing; Gore (a little bit ok, please ask), certain fetishes (please ask!), Mecha (minor is okay, please ask)… really just ask and worst case scenario I say no and offer other suggestions!


What if I don't have a reference?

  • I do not work with only descriptions without a design exploration fee added, BUT I can work with a collage of images as inspiration if this is the first time your character will be drawn. Just include it in the reference section of the order form.


What is the Design Exploration Fee?

  • Don't have any images of your character and want help bringing them to life? I will happily help you design a character for an additional fee (see price page character reference for options listed below). We will work together to create a final design you can be proud of.

          Includes Thumbnail Sketches:

                    • 3 different hairstyles

                    • 3 different silhouettes

                    • 3 different color/marking/outfit options

                    • 1 on 1 meeting to create a collage to figure out what you want for your design


Can I sell the commission on clothes or merchandise?

  • Not without purchasing a commercial license from me first. I will charge a reselling fee and you'll gain full rights to the artwork with free reign to do what you like with it. Please email to discuss.

Do you do traditional commissions?

  • No.

Will you draw for me/do you take requests?

  • I'm sorry but I do not take requests. I only do commission work at this time. Being a freelance artist is something I would like to turn into a career which requires me to develop as much of a regular income as possible. You can check my twitter for updates on when I open for promotional work or raffles, though!


Do you want to do an art trade with me?

  • I'm sure your artwork is fantastic and well worth the trade but I only trade with friends. On occasion I'll do an art trade with someone I look up to but usually it's only with someone I watch through Twitter, DeviantArt, or Furaffinity.

Someone has taken/traced your artwork!

  • Unfortunately this happens quite a bit. I really appreciate people telling me about this so I can handle it personally. I do ask though that no-one directly confront the individual in question and to let me, as the infringed artist, get the situation resolved.

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