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Commission Ordering

To submit a commission request, please copy the below form, click the "Submit Commission" button and send me the filled out form in an email!

Descriptions of Options

Artistic Freedom: Giving me artistic freedom means a couple things:

  • You get a 10% discount!

  • You pick the style/tier of commission and whether it's SFW or NSFW

  • I choose all other details and surprise you with the finished product!

Please note, if you have any specifics in mind like pose, action, background, etc, or if you need sketch approval/edits please do not pick the "artistic freedom" option.

Idea for Commission / Pose: This is for details! Tell me about the piece you are looking for. Do you have a pose in mind or an action? Are the characters fighting in a specific way? Do you have a specific background you would like the characters in? Tell me about it!

Character Personality / Description: Please give me everything you have on your character that you want me to have in mind when drawing them. If it's a character from a series, please describe! I am not guaranteed to know them as I don't consume a lot of TV. You can send me a YouTube link to a video portraying the characters' personality if needed.

References: If there is anything specific you would like me to get inspiration from (e.g., environment for background or stock images for poses) please include them as well or create a collage/mood board to send me! If you cannot provide references of any sort for the character/commission (meaning you only have text description), an additional 20% - 30% of the total price will be added depending on the text you provide. Please also see DESIGN EXPLORATION options on my commission page if you would like my help truly fleshing out the design of your character!

Commission Form


Name: (preferred name/alias)
Email: (I use email for all commission communication and delivery)
Posting: (what are your socials so I can tag you when I post it!)
Voice or Text Consultation?:
Would you like your commission streamed? Yes, No, Private stream (extra cost); If you want to ensure you are present to watch the stream live, choose private and we will discuss availability.


Artistic Freedom:
Y or N
Rating: SFW or NSFW
Tier / Style: (e.g., Chibi Flat-colored, or Fully rendered fullbody)
How many characters:
Idea for Commission / Pose:


Character Name:
Character personality/description(s):

By sending this order I confirm that I have read and accept the terms of service for commissioning Gilded Canary.

You can place multiple orders in one email, just include the above info multiple times.

Please include reference images of your character(s): 



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